Move Out, Not Throw Out

I’m at an all-day staff meeting today, so this is a pre-posted blog with content from my friends in the Office of Sustainability.

Updated to add: We had two broadcast emails go to students, faculty, and staff on Sunday and Monday. The first was to announce the new Dean of the Divinity School, Jonathan Walton; read the full email here. The second was to acknowledge the violence towards worshippers at a synagogue in California; read it here.


Did you know that Wake Forest students donated 25 tons of items to Goodwill and Better World Books during move-out last spring? Help us surpass that number this year by encouraging your Deacs to donate, not throw out, their gently-used items!

Challenge your students to make this a zero-landfill move out by following these 3 simple steps:

1) Plan ahead! A minute of planning saves 10 minutes of execution.

2) Sort out which items they want to keep and what they can clean up and donate.

3) Move out, don’t throw out! Remember: the landfill should be their last resort.

Is your Deac passionate about waste reduction and diversion? They can sign up here to help with move-out outreach — help remind their peers to move out, not throw out.

And if your Deac is moving out before May 3rd, they can contact if they need help figuring out where to donate their gently-used items.

Updated to add: students received the following additional messaging about the Deacs Donate project.

Move Out, not Throw Out - a poster with information on recycling

— by Betsy Chapman ’92, MA ’94

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