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One clarification from yesterday’s Daily Deac: the info I provided about class registration and housing registration refers to currently enrolled students only – folks who are here taking classes now as current first-years, sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Incoming first-years in the Class of 2023 will do all those processes over the summer. MUCH more info for first-year families will begin coming out starting May 1 – stay tuned until then.

Also, I received a very thoughtful email from a Deac parent today about an article in The New York Times on parenting called How Not to Be a Snowplow Parent. While it is written more from the perspective of pre-college children, there are still worthy ideas to consider. For those of you who have been Daily Deac-ers a long time, you will see a lot of Stop, Drop, and Roll thinking in here. I have had to do a lot of Stop, Drop, and Rolling with my own Class of ’27 this week due to various and sundry crises of 8th grade – and wow, it is not easy – so this paragraph hit home with me:

“Instead of worrying so much about setting our children up to succeed, what if we spent at least as much time setting them up to fail? The lesson of the college admission scandal is not only to stop shielding our kids from every challenge. It’s that in attempting to protect them from any harm, we may turn out to be the ones harming them most of all.”

Moving on, wanted to pass on some information from Residence Life & Housing, as they are getting a lot of questions about summer shipping and storage options. Here’s what they have told me:


University Mail Services
Packing supplies are available from University Mail Services in the Benson University Center. Through Mail Services, students may ship their belongings home using USPS, FedEx Ground, and UPS. Assistance may be available, please contact them at 336-758-5281 for more information.

There are 2 student-run storage companies that have been approved by the University.

University Storage Solutions
phone:   203-600-9729

Storage Scholars
phone:  336-815-0100


We no longer provide a list of local storage companies or vendors. If searching for one online, please use the zip code 27106 to find something close by. We always suggest students take home valuables or items that can’t be replaced.

We do not give residence hall access to outside vendors. If a student contracts with someone outside the University who is picking up their belongings, the student must be present to escort them into the building and stay with them while they are there. The same goes for deliveries in the fall.

Residence Halls reopen for returning students (sophomores, juniors, and seniors) on Friday, August 23. Deliveries will not be allowed on Wednesday, August 21, due to new student move-in.


— by Betsy Chapman ’92, MA ’94

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