Spring Break!

Spring Break officially starts about the time the Daily Deac hits your inboxes, but there are no doubt some students who have departed early.

I am hopeful that we have good weather on campus next week while the bulk of the students are gone. I say that not to deprive them of niceties, but because there is something really wonderful about being away for a week for Spring Break, and coming back to campus to see all the flowers have exploded and it really looks like spring.

That tends to kick Spring Fever into high gear. And also is a real signal to our seniors that they are in the home stretch before Commencement.¬†Here’s a few pics from past springs to help whet your whistle.

While the majority of our students seem to leave campus for Spring Break, some may remain. If your Deac is staying on campus, they should take note of the Student Health Service closure and local resources , the hours of operation for shuttles, and the Dining Services hours of operation.

We’ll take the week off from the Daily Deac next week, since your students are gone, unless there is some sort of Big News that can’t wait.

Cherry trees bloom in early spring on the campus of Wake Forest University, giving a bright pink glow to the campus.

— by Betsy Chapman ’92, MA ’94

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