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Last week I was sent a number of flyers of upcoming events from our Office of Wellbeing. We do take seriously our efforts to help students attend to all the areas of wellbeing – so encourage your Deacs to make time for self-care. Click on any of the images below to see more info.

One terrific way your Deacs can get some self-care in is through massage. Reynolds Gym has massage therapists who offer massages for students, faculty, and staff. And at $50, this massage is a bargain for Winston-Salem. Quick aside: I have had some families email me about the on-campus massage option and saying they were not sure if their daughter would feel comfortable with a massage therapist of the opposite sex. I have gone to our male massage therapist, Curtis, several times and can attest to the fact that he is a total pro. He is also married to one of our administrators who I like a lot, so he is a known entity on campus. So yes, I felt very comfortable with him and would recommend him to any massage-wanting Deac – but there is also a female massage therapist too and students can choose to book with their provider of choice.

From our Office of Sustainability, I received some flyers about Tuesday Trivia (Sustainaibility edition) and also a Sustainability Taco Night, where students can learn more about getting involved.

There is a Spring Involvement Fair coming up on January 27th at 3 pm in Reynolds Gym. Getting involved on campus is one of the keys to success in having a meaningful college experience. The Student Involvement Fair is not just for first-year students – it is for students of any year! So urge your Deacs to get out, sign up for some clubs and other activities that can help balance out their WFU experience and provide meaningful engagement.

Residence Life and Housing sent out an email to students about the upcoming cold weather and the importance of keeping windows closed. Very important stuff here.

Finally, it is MLK Day on Monday, which means no classes and administrative offices are closed, so no Daily Deac either. Here are the MLK Dining Hours of Service.

— by Betsy Chapman ’92, MA ’94

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