Tuesday update

NOTE: this Daily Deac was supposed to be published on Tuesday afternoon, but I missed the print deadline. So I am repeating it today. Apologies. 


This afternoon we sent out a security update to students, and then one to parents and families of current students.

“The Winston-Salem Police Department, in partnership with Wake Forest University Police, continues to investigate an unsubstantiated threat to campus first reported on Sunday, December 2.

There is no greater priority than the safety of our campus community. We appreciate your patience and trust despite the limited details we are able to provide during the ongoing investigation.

Wake Forest has consulted with law enforcement and national threat assessment experts before deciding to continue classes and normal University operations. The increased police presence on campus and enhanced security measures will continue while the investigation proceeds.

We are concerned about new rumors that began circulating today regarding individuals suspected of making the unsubstantiated threat. We want to stress that there is no validity to these rumors.” Read the full message.

Please note, we sent these security updates to parents and families of current students (so if you are a P’23, you did not receive it, as your students are not on campus yet – but you can read it here). I appreciate your continued patience and trust in the uncomfortable terrain during the investigation. I promise you that we are trying to provide as much information as we have. Which I know is less than would likely satisfy, but we are giving you as much as we can. We have a team that has worked virtually nonstop on this investigation and continue to do so.

We’re living in an uncertain time and while I’d like to think that Wake Forest is immune to these types of unsubstantiated threats, unfortunately, we are not. I know that law enforcement officials would not advise us to continue normal operations if they did not have evidence that it is safe to do so.

I will be on the road tomorrow through Friday but will try to blog Thursday and Friday if I can (but no promises). Also, my colleagues will keep you apprised of the investigation if there is any change in status. If you don’t hear anything, it means there is no new news, which is encouraging.

On a lighter note, tonight is the Lighting of the Quad at 7 pm. This is always a fun-filled event and a joyous way to get in the holiday spirit.

Finally, yesterday we sent out another one of our “Letters So Dear,” which is advice from upperclass students that was mailed to our first-year students. Enjoy!

“I hope you are enjoying your first ‘Fall in the Forest!’ Personally, being from Houston, Texas, I was not used to anything except HOT and humid during these months, so the cool air and crunchy leaves were pretty cool to experience for the first time. I’m sure it is crazy to reflect on how much you’ve done during this calendar year – transitioning from a high schooler to a college student, leaving home and ‘adulting,’ and all the other fun things you have managed to squeeze in between. Pat yourself on the back.

Aside from Wake’s rigorous courses, there are so many lifestyle adjustments to be made that can seem overwhelming right now. Don’t worry, though! Next year you’re going to be able to look back on your freshman self and be proud of how well you took everything in stride. Organization and communication are going to be super important for staying on the right track (socially and academically). If you can make it a goal to really harness those two traits, it will seriously improve any problems with completing/preparing assignments, conflict resolution, the balance among different areas of your life, and peace of mind.

If you feel like you’re just trying to stay afloat as a college freshman (hint, so is everyone else), I would recommend focusing on small, manageable tweaks to your habits and perspectives to make life a little easier. Invest a generous amount of energy into your wellbeing; this stretches beyond working out or other physical health measures.  It is also important to take care of your nutrition, mental health, social health, spirituality, finances, etc. YOU are important…all parts of you! The whole ‘college’ thing gets easier the longer you do it, so hang in there!”

–Caroline, Class of 2021″


— by Betsy Chapman ‘92, MA ‘94
Executive Director of Family Communications and Volunteer Management


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