The making of a Moravian Star

making of the new moravian starLast week the Chaplain’s office held a workshop with local artist and Moravian Star-maker, Max Brady. We were in need of a new Moravian Star for the Lovefeast, and so faculty and staff were invited to help create the new one. The process was really interesting – it involved very careful measuring and cutting of heavy paper, then marking the places where the paper needed to be folded to form the spikes of the star. Following the folding, the edges were glued to hold each spike together, and then plastic footers were placed on the bottom to ultimately connect each piece to the surrounding ones. You can see the pictures here.

impressions of leaves on the sidewalk Tent seen on the Mag QuadI predict it will be a slow week this week. Because Thanksgiving is nearly here, some of our students may well be departing campus early for home. I was walking around campus very early, around the start of 8 am classes, and saw very few students walking about, but I did see a small tent on the Mag Quad. No idea what it was there for, but it made for an interesting view. I also stumbled upon this picture of leaves – well, more the impression of leaves. This was from a sidewalk up near the Byrum Welcome Center. It reminded me of fossils.

And for anyone whose Deacs will be staying on campus during Thanksgiving, the Dean of Students office emailed this to all undergraduates last week.

Dear Wake Foresters,

Are you planning to stay in Winston Salem during the Thanksgiving Break?  If so, go to this website for important information about dining options, social spaces, and services available on campus. The Thanksgiving Break web page is your one-stop shop for information including:

  • Places to eat on campus (Note: Shorty’s will take meal swipes!)
  • Shuttle schedules for dining and shopping
  • Hours of operation for social and study spaces like ZSR Library and The Wellbeing Center (and swimming pool)
  • Important information from Residence Life & Housing, Student Health, and the University Counseling Center.
  • A list of things to do in the surrounding area

Students with questions about Thanksgiving Break options should email

Make it a great (short) week, Deac families!


— by Betsy Chapman ’92, MA ’94

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