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Happy Monday, Deac families. It was a hot weekend – feels way too hot to be October – but it looks like we will have some cooler weather coming in the next two weeks: high 70s, then mid-70s, then mid-60s. Fall is such a beautiful time on campus, with the resplendent reds and oranges and yellows of the trees. I can’t wait.

Fall also means that it is time to start thinking about spring courses. From Oct. 22-Nov. 2nd, students will meet with their academic adviser (or major adviser) to plan for their spring coursework.

If your Deacs have not finished their foreign language requirement and they are taking Spanish, they might wish to consider the ISLI (Intensive Summer Language Institute) program in Spanish. This is a program that allows students to take SPA 153 and 213 together in the first session of summer school. This could be a hugely attractive proposition for some of our students. In a very short time period, they could complete the work of two classes and be finished with their foreign language requirement.

Couple of fine points to be aware of: eligible students must have completed SPA 112 or 113, or placed into SPA 153 or 154, or they want/need to retake SPA 153.

If this would be of interest to your Deac, they can visit the ISLI website for details and the application (due April 15, 2019).

And for our P’22s in the Daily Deacdom, I’m back on schedule with the Weekly Messages for First Year families. Today we talk about why the Honor Code is so important.

Make it a great week, Deac families!

ISLI summer institute in Spanish

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