Shipping and Mailing to Campus

Happy Friday, Deac families. Hope your Deacs enjoyed the [beastly hot and sweaty] Hit the Bricks yesterday!

Fall Break is next Thursday and Friday (Oct. 11-12). An important consideration for Deacs staying on campus is the Fall Break Dining Hours of operation. Dining schedules are different, so they will want to be aware of what is open when (and what is not).

We’re about a month into school, and if you have not already done so, this is a good time to consider sending a care package to your Deac. It’s always great to get a package from home. Fill it with goodies – food is always great, but you could also send other items. If you can, send enough goodies so that your student can share – it is always a bonus, especially to our first-year students who are still trying to get to know their halls and find friend groups, to have something like a big batch of cookies they can share with other folks on the hall.

So, how do you mail things to campus? The answer depends on whether you are shipping via US Mail or UPS/FedEx.

Regular US Mail uses a PO Box number and the zip code 27109, which is unique to Wake Forest.  FedEx & UPS require a street address, and they won’t accept the words ‘PO Box’ in the address, so we have to swap the word ‘Unit’ for ‘PO Box’ and add 27106 as the zip.

So to mail something US Mail, you would address it to:
Student Name
P O Box [insert the # of your Deac’s PO Box here]
1834 Wake Forest Road
Winston-Salem, NC 27109
So to mail something UPS or FedEx, you would address it to:
Student Name
Unit [insert the # of your Deac’s PO Box here]
1834 Wake Forest Rd
Winston-Salem, NC 27106
Also a word on delivery (from the Mail Services website):
Note to Students: Although you may receive a USPS confirmation that your package has been delivered, this notification only confirms delivery to a nearby post office. The package will still need to be transferred to the WFU Campus, received, and processed by our Mail Services Department. To make your experience as efficient as possible, please wait to receive an email confirmation from WFU Mail Services that indicates that your package has been processed. In addition to this email, a notice will also be placed in your campus box. If the item will fit into your campus box, it will be placed there; otherwise you will need to bring the notice to the counter to retrieve your package.
Finally, as we close out this week, I hope you wore your black and gold clothing today as part of Black and Gold Friday, and it’s a good time to call your Deacs before the weekend begins.

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