Five quick impressions

Was walking across campus today for a meeting and thought I’d share five quick impressions of campus:

Hot, hot, hot. It is warm and sunny, but also a steady wind, which makes it feel hot, hot, hot (if you want to relive a cheesy song on this topic, click here.)

Steak. Someone, somewhere, was cooking steak on a grill. I don’t have any idea where this was coming from, but as I walked across the Quad, there was the wonderful, distinct smell of grilling beef.

Dogs. Always a favorite part of the campus experience. Someone on the Quad had a little dog that they were kicking some kind of ball to, and the dog would chase after it and return it.

Slow. In the heat of the mid-afternoon, no one was moving quickly. It was an amble at best.

Exercise. While I did see a number of female students dressed in workout gear, they were all headed to Reynolds Gym so they could exercise in the shade.

We’re at the midpoint of the week, Deac families. Vow to finish strong!

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