Blast from the past

Still on the road today (thanks to everyone from Larchmont for a wonderful New Student Reception!)

While today isn’t Throwback Thursday, we’re still going to take a look at the past. There is a Digital Archive as part of the ZSR Library. If you want to explore Wake Forest’s history, you can spend time searching through said archive.

Editors of the student literary magazine 1883-84Here is the oldest thing I could find – from 1883, the editors of the student literary magazine (and what handsome Student gatheringchaps they are!)

President's Aides, 1990, see with then president Thomas K. Hearn, Jr.These were our President’s Aides from 1990. Please note the ground – this was before the Quad was bricked. Used to be it was a combination of slate slabs and cement. Wow, the shoulderpads in the blazers! I do not miss those 🙂

This appears to be some sort of jug band/May pole event maybe? Or possibly one of our old Societies (these were like sororities but existed only on Wake Forest’s campus, not nationally).

Peace Corps registrationHere we have a Peace Corps sign up table. Must be the 1970s.

Parents Weekend registrationAnd here is a family checking in at registration for what was then called Parents Weekend (now Family Weekend).

Anyway, the Digital Archives are a fun little rabbit hole to go down if you want to see into our history. Enjoy!



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