Tomorrow is the end of our fiscal year – it runs July 1 through June 30 – and one of the things I always sweat is whether we will make our donor goal for the Parents’ Campaign of the Wake Forest Fund. This year we had a goal of 3,200 current and past donor families making a donation, and when I checked our figures, we were at a whopping 3.247!

[This is me doing the happy dance]

Many thanks to all of those in the Daily Deacdom who made a gift this year. Whether it was $1 or $1 million, we needed each and every one of you to help us reach our goal.

I hope that you look at your Deacs and see what I see: expanded minds, intellectual curiosity, kindness and character, a desire to do good. Your students come here already bright and amazing, then learn from the best faculty in the nation and learn from each other; a high tide rises all boats. And this will prepare them to go out in the world and do great things, poised to live lives of meaning and purpose.

Parents’ Campaign dollars fund so much of what we do – the faculty, the library, the technology, the facilities. Your gifts make a profound difference in what we can offer your students, and they are the beneficiaries of those gifts. THANK YOU!

If you have not made a gift yet this year – please consider doing it. Again, no matter the $ level, parent and family giving is an endorsement that you believe in the direction of Wake Forest and what we do for your students. Credit card gifts will count up through June 30th and you can give securely online.

And let me say this too – whether you make a gift of not, I am grateful for every Deac family. I love your passion and your energy and your school spirit.  You really are the best college parents and families in the nation and it is a privilege and an honor to do the work I do for you.

Happy New [fiscal] Year!

Bill Murray says you're awesome and he is totally right!



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