FIFA Fever

The FIFA World Cup is taking place right now, and seems to have captured the attention of much of the world. (As I type this midday, I will tell you that I’m rooting for Spain).

Rooting for your favorite sports team can be a great thing, particularly at the college level. Whether your Deac is a superfan or just wants the camaraderie of watching games and cheering hard, they should consider going to some of our Wake games.

There is a lot of fun to be had, whether you are going to see one of the traditional big college sports (football and basketball) or any other sport. I am an unashamed fangirl when it comes to our soccer team. There is nothing quite so nice as a fall evening at Spry Stadium with tons of passionate students. But we have been doing amazing work with other sports too – tennis, golf, field hockey, the list goes on.

In any given residence hall or suite, you might find the star athlete, or the best trumpet player, or the lead in the musical, or the award-winning debate team member. So even if something is not your Deac’s favorite sport (or art, or pasttime), encourage your Deac to support the talented folks around them and show up to their events. When you show up, as a Deac mom recently told me, you make connections. And those connections can be wonderful.


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