Final Pic of the Day

I’m flying home today – so one last prepost. May 1st was the day that high school seniors have to send their deposits to their college of choice – so it is College Decision Day. The JED Foundation, which does great work with mental health and colleges, had a great post about how to help talk to your soon-to-be college student about mental health. And even if you are not an incoming first-year parent (or P’22), there is still a lot of good info here that might be really good to read and absorb.

This final pic of the day is to give you a glimpse of the beauty that is to come by way of Commencement. The Quad is a sight to behold, and there is so much happiness and joy that morning. Whether you are still 3 years away or just a couple of weeks away: this is your future 🙂

Wake Forest hosts its 2017 Commencement Ceremonies on Hearn Plaza on Monday, May 15, 2017. An aerial view of the ceremony from Wait Chapel.

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