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Happy Black and Gold Friday, Spring Break edition. A lot of your Deacs were trying to sneak off campus today, and it sounds like a good many of them that were headed northeast are running into all kinds of cancellations, courtesy of the noreaster that is hitting up there. For all our traveling Deacs, and our parents and families dealing with the storm, be safe.

While we don’t have a noreaster proper, we do have a TON of wind today. It is windy enough to blow your hair in all directions when you go outside, and the speed of the wind makes it feel quite cold. It seems a little cruel that we have daffodils and pink trees starting to bloom, but who knows if they will endure this cold wind.

Not every student will leave for Spring Break, though I suspect a good number will. For those who remain on campus, they should stay attentive to the blue Spring Break dining hours banner on to look at dining hours of service and at which venues (NOTE: this is an up to date link for Spring Break hours). For those who stay in town, I hope they might take advantage of our great indy theatre downtown, a/perture, or get some great food (my two favorites are Atelier on Trade, which has a chef who was properly trained in French pastry at the Cordon Bleu and whose croissants are to die for, and Camino Bakery, which is a wonderful coffeehouse/bakery. And no, they don’t give me any kickbacks for mentioning them). Those are some of my favorites, but your Deacs should find their own local haunts too.

And for those families whose Deacs are coming home, remember that they just finished midterms. They are tired. They may have residual stress or sleep deprivation (or may be cranky if their airline travel got messed up because of the storm). Let them sleep late. Pamper them a little. Don’t be hurt if they want to spend time with their old high school friends – they may feel the need to tend to those friendships to make sure they are still solid, whereas they know your love is always solid.

And for those who are about to climb Laundry Mountain, I salute you 😉

We’ll take a pause for the Daily Deac next week while your Deacs are gone. See you back on March 12th! XO to all!

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