Wild and crazy Friday

It has been a wild and crazy Friday and I have not had much of a chance to get out and about, so today I bring you just a few impressions of campus and the mood:

Sunny – the sun has been out and shining brightly all day. Not much in the way of clouds. It is, however…

Cold and Crisp – the high today was only going to be like 50 or 51. It’s really nuts, because we have all kinds of daffodils and pink blooming trees starting, yet we have had this crazy cold snap.

Wrestling – not literal, figurative. Because it is academic advising time, students seem to be wrestling with questions of ‘which classes do I take?’, ‘what should I major in?’ or, for the older ones, ‘what am I going to do once I graduate?’  Some students have also been wrestling with where they want to live on campus next year. It is not unusual to have complications that go with deciding where to room – sometimes it is friends who get a better offer and change their minds, throwing off the original plans the group might have made, or there is not enough space for everyone in a desired spot, etc. Some of our students will choose housing in the Second Round of Room Selection over the summer (which is normal and happens every year).

Anticipation – in all the students I have seen the last day or two, they seem to be highly anticipating the weekend. They all look to me like they have been working hard all week and are ready to take a breather. They deserve it.

Make it a great weekend, Deac families!


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