Let It Snow

As you have probably heard from your students, we had a snow day yesterday. Despite a prediction of 1-3″, we got a whopping 6.5″ of snow at my house, and I am only 3 miles from campus so I assume it was the same there.

Snow in Winston is a funny affair. Some years we get a dusting or two, some years we get none at all (or maybe just ice and freezing rain), and some years we get several snow storms of 3″ or more. It is problematic when we have snow, because we don’t have the same kind of winter weather infrastructure as, say, my childhood home in the suburbs of Phili. What that translates to is that the main roads get plowed (albeit slowly) but good luck to you getting from your house to the main roads. All that by way of saying if your Deacs have a car on campus, they should be very cautious about driving around on the streets.

The forecast says it will get warmer over the coming days, but there is a decent amount that still needs to melt. You can check the progress on the Quad Cam. And hats off to our Facilities team – you can see from the Quad Cam that they did a great job clearing the sidewalks.

Because of the snow, even when Wake is open, our local K-12 schools are often not. So your Deacs might find individual faculty members having to cancel class, or if you are calling/emailing an administrator on campus, he/she might be out or working remotely (myself included). So please be aware it might take a little longer to have folks get back to you.

Today was FDOC – First Day of Classes (well, for those after 11 am). Your Deacs will be poring over their syllabi and trying to get a sense of the new set of classes and professors.

Final program note: news of shuttle service tonight.


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