Finals Funnies

Final exams start today! Now is the time for your Deacs to make that last final push to scale the mountaintop and plant their flag on a semester well-done. Be dauntless, my Deacs! You can do it!

One of the great finals week traditions is Late Night Breakfast. This will be tonight from 10 pm-12 am in The Pit. Late Night Breakfast is sponsored by the Division of Campus Life and is a ton of fun. Faculty and staff serve students delectable and FREE breakfast food while enjoying music and conversation at the start of finals week. Please encourage your Deacs to take a break from studying and join us in The Pit!

Because laughter is the best medicine, we close today’s Daily Deac with a bunch of finals-themed jokes. If you think your Deac could use a little chuckle, you can click the images to enlarge, and/or save any of the images below and send them in a text or email. I’m giving you a little The Office, a little Game of Thrones, a little Spongebob, and something special for all the students who (like me) hate working on group projects.  And for my faculty friends who read the Daily Deac, I put one in here for you too: Faculty Bingo.

Finals week meme: how I feel when answering select all that apply questions

Finals meme: when I die, I want my group project members to lower me to my grave so they can let me down one last time

Finals meme with Spongebob: "do you like my paper, professor? I wrote it with my tears"

A finals week meme with Jim from the Office talking about failing the final exam

Faculty bingo for Finals WeekFinals week meme: Game of Thrones edition. Jaquen Hagar: "A man does not study for exams on time. A man procrastinates until the last minute."

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