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The tent is still in the process of being erected, though much of that might have been on hold today because it was raining cats and dogs earlier today.  Check out the progress on the Quad Cam.

Since it is slow here and all internal efforts are focused on Commencement, today we’ll feature some of the best of pictures from Commencements past. Hope you enjoy.  In some of them, you will see our old Commencement tent, a yellow and white thing that is nowhere near as fancy as what we have now.

Here is something our ’17s might be interested in:

Class of 2017 Invited to Sign the Green Graduation Pledge
Outside University Bookstore | May 12 | 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
The Class of 2017 is invited to join thousands of graduates around the world in a commitment to making environmentally and socially responsible decisions. By signing the Green Graduation Pledge, students agree to “take into account the social and environmental consequences of any future endeavors and to work to improve the sustainability of the communities in which [they] work, live and play.” As a reminder of their commitment, signees will receive a reusable travel mug, while supplies last.

Everyone, start saying your good wishes for the weather forecast.  I won’t take a good look at it until a couple of days before, because there’s no use getting worked up early when the weather forecast can change.

We’re going to take a break tomorrow and Thursday based on some travel I will be doing, but will return on Friday.  Go Deacs!


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