Joyous, beautiful sun

LDOC!  Last Day of Classes is here, hooray to our students for persevering through the semester.  One more big thing – finals (or final papers/projects) and then it is pack up and move time.  And for many, Beach Week or Post-Exams is also on the horizon.

Was a busy day at my office, so will offer just a few impressions of the day:

Weather: sunny, nearly 80, gorgeous.

Pollen: all the rain of the last few days has washed a lot of it out.

Dirt: had not mentioned this previously, but for a couple of weeks the soccer practice field has been dug down to the red clay, and there is a giant pile of clay in the middle.  I believe they are doing new turf and/or better drainage.

Mood on campus: definitely improved with the sun. Wearing shorts and t-shirts instead of boots and rainwear does the body good.

Stay focused, Deacs!

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