Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Even though it is St. Patrick’s Day, it is still Black and Gold Friday, and I’m representing!  Hope you are too.

Was out West traveling on business all week – and many thanks to all the West Coast Deac families who were so kind during my travels.  Because I was traveling, I had pre-scheduled Daily Deacs.   Hopefully by now you have all seen the email that went out yesterday about a meningitis case on campus, as well as the update today.

Since I have an insider’s view of some of these emerging situations, I can assure you that in these moments we have multiple offices working on all different fronts (health and safety, communications, how to provide caring outreach to community members with questions, facilities needs, etc.)  all with the same goal of ensuring the wellbeing of our campus community.  Also, it is important to say that any time there is a medical issue, patient privacy is safeguarded.

This is a good time to mention that if you are a parent or family member and did not receive these emails, one of a couple things could be at work:  1) your internet service provider (ISP) routed the message to spam or junk mail (check there and move it to your inbox or add us as a safe sender), 2) your ISP blocked the email altogether (which unfortunately we cannot fix), and/or 3) you asked not to receive emails from Wake Forest or your address is out of date (if so, you can provide updates here).

In other news, for those new P’21s in the family, Admissions just sent me the link to the Campus Day for Accepted Students website.  You can see the full schedule and register online via their page.

Academic advising is taking place now, and I will be jammed with that next week, so Daily Deacs might be on the light side.

Make it a great weekend, friends!

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