This is what happens…

When it is the beginning of February and it is nearly 80 degrees:

blooming treesmore blooming treesdaffodils in early FebruaryThe daffodils emerge from the soil and the pink trees start to bloom waaaaaaaaaay earlier than expected.

This weekend was stunningly good weather. I was here on campus yesterday afternoon to hear a recital (more on that in a sec) and students were peppered all over the fields and the grass and the outdoor tables.  Some were studying, some were hanging out with friends, and some were on their phones, but it was a glorious afternoon.  Today the weather is not nearly as nice – high only of 60 but with a very stiff, cold wind (apologies to our Deac families in the Northeast; I know you are/will soon be getting pounded with snow).

You can tell which students did not consult their weather app on the phone before going outside today.  I was up on the Quad around lunchtime and there were some students in short sleeves and shorts (which would have been perfect yesterday) but who looked like they were cold with no jacket, or girls in mini dresses with bare legs.

The senior recital I went to yesterday was by soprano Samantha Kridgen.  I hadn’t been to a senior recital in ages but turns out I knew two of the musicians, and I was so glad I went.  To describe it as “a pleasant afternoon of music” is an understatement. I am by no means musical, but I know what I like.  Samantha has a gorgeous voice, and all the accompanying musicians were also amazing to hear.  At one point she did a duet with another female student and their voices blended together so beautifully and perfectly. All the music had a Venetian theme, and according to the program Samantha had spent a semester in Venice with WFU.

All that by way of saying if your Deacs have not taken advantage of going to these sorts of recitals (or dance concerts, or theatre productions, or art gallery shows), they really need to do themselves a favor.  The talent on this campus is tremendous.  I know there are only so many hours in a day and a huge number of events to choose from, but again – the more bites you sample from the WFU buffet, the more delicious the experience will be.

Brava, Samantha, for rocking it yesterday!

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