Welcome to NC winter

And by that I mean, we had snow a week ago and today was about 45 degrees this morning and nearly 70 degrees this afternoon.  You never know what Mother Nature has planned for winter in the south, but you can count on some dramatic temperature swings at least.

Today I happened to be out twice when classes were changing, and you saw students dressed in everything from jeans and boots and coats, to shorts and t-shirts or miniskirts with bare legs.  It sounded like – via overheard conversations on my walk – that some of the students were already tired of their classes; other students were talking about how great the weather is.

Lastnight we had a basketball game at home against Carolina, perennial rival (aside – our older alumni tend to have the most bitter rivalry with Carolina, while younger alumni tend to feel more strongly about Duke).  Our team had been down 15 at the half but they scrapped their way back to a close game following a 20-7 run. In the end, we lost 93-87, but we got a great look at the resilience and fight of our team. I am going to count that as a win.


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