Sleepin Deacon

If your Deacs are up on the Quad today, they will see a bunch of our Thrive leaves stuck into the ground at regular intervals.  Each of the leaves has information about sleep – the importance of sleep, sleep tips, and information about the Sleepin’ Deacon Week of Sleep, Feb. 6-10.

Each day that week will feature a workshop with a different topic:

Monday: Sleep and the Mind-Body Connection

Tuesday: Dreaming in Color

Wednesday: Creating a Sleep Environment

Thursday: Nutrition for Better ZZZs

Friday: Sleepin’ Deacon Challenge Orientation

Students can sign up for the Sleepin’ Deacon Challenge online.  There’s more information out there, but here is a snippet of what the challenge is about: “Participants will be challenged to get a full night’s sleep (between 7-9 hours) for two weeks. Using a variety of sleep hygiene tips, participants will alter their current sleep patterns to increase their mental acuity and overall emotional and physical wellbeing.”

Does your Deac get enough sleep – both in terms of hours and quality?  Would sleeping better help them be better equipped to study, stay healthy, be happier?  Who knows?  I have tentatively signed up for the Sleepin’ Deacon challenge – so once it starts, if I can stick with it I will post periodic updates here.  (Apologies for the low-quality pics of the Thrive leaves below. Neither the angle of the sun nor the wind wanted to cooperate as I took the pictures. )

An alien serves as part of a marketing campaign.Finally, there is an intriguing marketing campaign going on.  In the lobby of Reynolda, there were a few balloon aliens scattered about. They have stickers on them that read “THE ALIENS ARE COMING #COLLIDESCOPEWFU.” Really sort of genius way to get people wondering what is going on.  I had no idea what it meant, but then I Googled the hashtag. I don’t want to spill the clever beans, but you can Google it too if you wish.

Sleep Week posterPoster on the effect of alcohol and sugar on sleepIdeal sleep temperature poster

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