Let’s talk snow

The big question we have been getting in the Office of Family Engagement is: how much snow is projected, and how will Wake respond if there is a big snow?

To the first part of that question, I don’t know how much snow is coming. The weather report has shifted from yesterday to today – and y’all are probably looking at the same web sites I am.  [Aside: my weather goal is to never be someplace where Jim Cantore of the Weather Channel is broadcasting. Nothing good ever happens when he is there in his storm gear ;)]

What I can tell you is that the folks at Wake Forest are monitoring the situation very closely. The right people are in the room where decisions get made.

What I can also tell you is that we have a wide variety of ways we communicate weather-related delays or closings to students, faculty, and staff. This link shows you those – and within that page there are some links to local TV and radio if you want to have access to what our local news shows are saying.  And if there are updates over the weekend that get sent out to students, faculty, and staff, I will post them to the Family News section of our website.

A couple of families have asked me what they should do if their son/daughter is unable to get back to campus in time for classes due to weather-related travel.  If your student is having travel difficulties and will not be back on campus for classes, students should contact their professors directly to let them know of their delay.

Others have asked if I will do any kind of reporting on road conditions, how bad the snow is, and/or could make recommendations on whether their students should try to drive or not.  That is well outside of my area of expertise and I would not want to suggest someone should or should not drive.  Every family needs to consult whichever weather or road conditions sources they trust and make the decision they feel is safest for their students.  Nothing is more important than our students’ safety.

Please do yourselves a favor and keep your eye posted to the Quad Cam Saturday morning.  Mother So Dear looks lovely covered in snow, and it is incredibly fun to watch students having snowball fights and making snowmen and such.


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