Late Night Breakfast this coming Monday

Longtime Daily Deac readers know that I talk about Wake being like a smorgasbord buffet – and the more bites you try of all the campus has to offer, the richer your experience will be.

This coming Monday we have a real buffet for your students, and it’s called Late Night Breakfast.  The short version is this, from an email I received today:

The Division of Campus Life invites you [students] to the annual Late Night Breakfast in The Pit! This is a tradition where WFU faculty and staff serve students delectable and FREE breakfast food while enjoying music and conversation at the start of finals week. So take a break from studying on Monday, December 12th from 10 pm-12 am, and join us in The Pit! Spread the word, and we look forward to seeing you there! 

The longer story of this great tradition is this:

In 1991, Dr. Charles “Chuck” Longino, Jr. came to Wake Forest as the Washington M. Wingate Professor of Sociology and director of the Reynolda Gerontology Program.  He loved teaching undergraduate students and always searched for ways to connect with them outside of the classroom.  The original Late Night Breakfast, a tradition started by  Dr. Longino, was held before end of semester finals.  Every year he recruited administrators, other faculty members, and staff to serve a late night breakfast to students.

Dr. Longino passed away in 2008, and now the Division of Campus Life carries this tradition on for our students.  It is only through a collaborative effort that this tradition can continue and flourish with the same vitality that Dr. Longino embodied. Late Night Breakfast offers faculty and staff members an opportunity to engage with students in a causal environment outside of the classroom.  It also offers the opportunity for staff members and faculty members from all over campus to come together.

Late Night Breakfast is So Much Fun.  For the students, they get a bunch of free food and lots of encouraging words from the faculty and staff who work the event.  There is always great music – and sometimes a spontaneous line dance springs up. Sometimes the Deacon comes to pay a visit. Some students come in their pajamas. It truly is a blast.

I will be there slinging hash with my Santa hat on.  I hope to see your students there!

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