I only do this a couple times a year, y’all

All, I’m getting ready to head out for winter break myself, and with the cold here, I thought it might be time for a warm and fuzzy.

Part of the job of our office is to communicate with parents and families as best we can, and we try to survey you periodically to see how we are doing.  This question had been asked on a survey this past summer:

“Tell us about an experience that you had with Wake Forest that made a strong impression on how you view the university.”  

Below is a selection of responses to that question.

We experience Wake through our son. His interactions with several of the professors has been remarkable. It is common place for the majority of the faculty to take an active interest their students. They truly care. My son is not only taught. He is “inspired”.

As the parent of a Wake student who just finished his Freshman year, I can honestly say that all the promises the University staff and faculty made to our family during Orientation and the parent programs during drop off last fall were all fulfilled. We felt that our student was well supported and that the staff and faculty were looking out for him, never leaving him to flounder or figure things out on his own.  Our student’s Freshman year was an extremely positive experience.

Our son needed academic counseling his freshman year. The team there was successful in helping him through this rocky patch. He is a rising senior now and on the Dean’s List.

My daughter is a first generation college student and prior to attending Wake she was extremely shy. While at Wake she has grown into a very assertive young lady.  She is no longer extremely shy and able to communicate in various groups.  She loves attending the university and is a bit saddened to be leaving in 2017.  The faculty has offered her so much support and encouragement and I am proud that she has excelled and been on the Dean’s list since joining Wake.

I lost my job this year and my daughter is a rising senior and requested more scholarship money and received some which will ensure my commitment to support WFU once my daughter graduates !

When my student was the only one who signed up for a class, the professor offered to work with him on an independent basis rather than canceling the class. He learned so much through this experience, and he is completely enthralled with the subject matter.  This kind of engagement is an important reason why we love Wake Forest.

My daughter was accepted to Wake Med School after graduating from WFU with a major in Chemistry and Latin. She has just finished her 1st year at med school and did very well because WFU prepared her well!

Many thanks to all of the anonymous families who provided that great feedback (and so much more).

So part of my job is to help communicate with all of you. The other part is to encourage all our families to make a gift to the Parents’ Campaign of the Wake Forest Fund.  The Wake Forest Fund helps fund the kinds of things you read about above – faculty who care, programs to help students when they need it, scholarship support for deserving students, and more.  We are able to do all that we do at Wake because people believe a Wake education is worth it, and that our students and faculty are worth supporting.

I don’t talk about money in the Daily Deac but for a couple times a year.  But since we are nearly at calendar year end and giving is tax deductible, this is my small way of encouraging you to make a gift – at any level.  (I mean that sincerely – a gift of any level helps me stay on the right side of doing all the parts of my job!!)  So if you have not made a gift to the Parents’ Campaign this year – and especially if you have never given – please consider making one now.

The Daily Deac thanks you in advance, and we’ll get back to our regular blog tomorrow 🙂

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