The Gift of One Hour

This coming Sunday we will “fall back” and turn the clocks back one hour.  Which is sort of like getting a free hour, or a chance to re-do an hour all over again.

How will you spend that time?  How will your Deacs?

Will they take a walk on our beautiful campus? Alone? Or with friends?

Will they get an extra hour of sleep? Or an extra hour of studying for that upcoming test or working on that paper?

Will they do something fun for themselves that they ordinarily would feel they don’t have time for? See a movie? Bake some cookies?

Will that hour be filled with service? Solitude? Serenity?

Think about all the things we don’t have time for in our busy lives.  There’s a free hour coming up where each of us could do something that would normally fall off the priority list.

Choose well and wisely.

And because it’s Friday, give your Deacs a call and tell them you love them 🙂

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