Tuesday Misc.

There’s a lot of miscellany to cover today. Here goes.

Weather: it has been overcast today and is finally cooler, in the mid 70s. We got a lot of rain late yesterday and look like we could get some more today. I have not been up to the Quad today but I imagine there are a lot of rain boots being worn.

News: did you watch the Presidential Debate lastnight? I am sure many of our students did, whether individually or collectively. The Winston-Salem Journal did a story this morning on local college students’ reactions to the debates. Read it here. If you hadn’t heard of the Wake the Vote project, you should check out their website. There is a Twitter feed with [presumably] students’ reactions to the debate lastnight.

In other news, this time campus news, there was an email today updating about the off-campus incident on September 9th and a new arrest. As a reminder, any news that is sent to all students, faculty, and staff, will get posted on the Parents and Families page under Family News.

First Year Families (P’20s): yesterday was crazy busy so I did not get the new Weekly Message for First Year Families up until today. The new message is about Getting Involved and Finding a Niche.  Here’s one more tip for P’20 families: your students might be starting to get grades back on tests or papers. Do not be surprised if their grades are not up as high as they were in high school. Don’t panic about this. Our first-year students need time to acclimate to the new expectations, which means a test or two. My experience is that most students are quite worried about their loved ones’ reaction to their grades – so to the degree you can alleviate that pressure for them, do so.



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