One More Week

One more week to go and then I hope to see many of you on campus for Family Weekend!  I wish the fall leaves were a little more colorful – here’s to hoping for some nice reds, golds, and oranges before you arrive.

9 29 199 29 19 2Speaking of color, I got these two pictures last night from one of my trusted student sources on campus. There was a spectacular sunset, and my source sent these.

I neglected to mention a great bit of news yesterday in the blog, and that is that we now have an on-call shuttle system at night.  Some of you saw it on Facebook but I wanted to put it here too.  Read the details.

Busy day for me, and there was just a great big rain shower so I haven’t left my office to venture out.  I’m grateful to the Quad Cam so I can get a glimpse of the Quad without getting rained on!

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