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I had a meeting yesterday in Reynolda Hall, and I discovered some construction and beautification that I did not realize was taking place this summer.

8 9 16 mag 5This is the Lu Leake Lounge outside the Mag Room. Normally you would have sofas and tables here, but they are putting in this new carpeting, which runs all the way down the 2nd floor of Reynolda Hall.

8 9 16 mag 7Most notably, there is a new window into the Mag Room that will now give a view all the way out towards Wait Chapel.  It is a really nice effect.

The chandeliers are down as they finish the work on the lounge.  Next to the Mag Room, there used to be a door to the Heritage Room, which was a conference room used mainly by the senior leadership team.  They’ve moved the entrance to that and now there is a little nook where the door had been (no pic, sorry).

8 9 16 mag 2The Mag Room proper still looks to have the hardwood floor and the same chairs – just looks like things have been moved for the chandelier removal (and I assume cleaning and reinstalling).  I peeked in to get some shots of the inside of the Mag Room.

Even at this stage of construction, it already looks nice, y’all.  Your sophomore, junior, and senior students will barely recognize the 2nd floor of Reynolda Hall when they get back.  More pics below, plus some close ups of the new carpet.

8 9 16 mag 4 8 9 16 mag 3

8 9 16 mag 6— by Betsy Chapman
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