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Happy Monday, Deac families. I am back in the office after having been out nearly all of last week for New Student Receptions.  So let’s play catch up with a couple of announcements.

Late last week, President Hatch emailed the campus community (students, faculty, and staff) with a message entitled Tragic and Troubled Times.  As is our office’s practice, any email that goes out to the entire campus gets archived on the news section of our website.  You can read Dr. Hatch’s message here.

Help Every Deac Find their placeThere is an exciting opportunity for students who wish to work for a new program on campus. This is a position that will help every Deac find their place – something that is so critical to all our students, particularly to our newest students – and to assist our student organizations.  See more:

The Office of Student Engagement is currently hiring student employees for the new Engagement Consultant program! Please share the following information with student leaders.

Interested students should see the Engagement Consultant Application, the Engagement Consultant Job Decription, and the Engagment Consultant Recommendation Form.

Applicants should send their completed applications and resumes to Michele Kurtz via email at  Applicants must have two references complete recommendation forms. Applicants are responsible for ensuring both references complete and turn in the recommendation form to Michele Kurtz. Preference will be given to applicants who submit application materials by 5 pm on August 8, 2016.

Parking registration will take place in early August (the day depends on your student’s classification as on- or off-campus).  You can see more information here.  Please be sure your students are aware of the parking registration process, particularly for seniors living off campus.  The website states that for commuter students “Limited availability sold on a first come, first serve basis” – that applies to on-campus parking for seniors as well as the off-campus designated commuter lots.

Finally, as I was driving onto campus from the Long Drive entrance, it looks like there is massive construction starting.  There had been a couple of [what I assume was privately-owned] buildings there, but the place is being razed.  Technically it is off campus, so not sure what is going to go there.  But it will be interesting to see what emerges.

— by Betsy Chapman
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