Black and Gold Friday

Happy Black and Gold Friday to you, Deac families!  Hope you are wearing WFU apparel, or black and gold, to show your school spirit wherever you live.

A couple great stories to end the week on a high note:

There is a wonderful story about our student Lins Barwick, who was involved in the shooting incident off campus a couple of weeks ago.  Band of Brothers talks about Lins and his fraternity brothers’ support.  I don’t know Lins personally, but this article certainly makes an impression of what a fine young man he is, and how well-regarded he is among his peers.  We all wish him a speedy and full recovery.

Throughout the summer I have been showing you some pictures of the construction on campus.  The real push behind the construction is to make our campus the premier residential collegiate experience for our students.  Our News Service wrote a wonderful piece on the enhancements to the residential experience, and it has a lot of great pictures and stats.  Between the renovations to the Quad residence halls (which will continue in the coming summers until they have all been updated), to the addition of the Sutton Center portion of Reynolds Gym (which is really spectacular), to the new residence hall, and the work that is being done on the old portion of Reynolds Gym, our campus is going to be better than ever.

I am going to pull a couple of pics from the article and paste below because I don’t want you to miss them, but you really should read the whole thing [available here].

— by Betsy Chapman

Here is a look at all the construction taking place right now.

6 24 16 construction map






Here is an image of what the renovated old portion of Reynolds Gym will look like when finished.

6 24 16 new gym







And because I am a giant nerd-wonk for these sorts of infographics, this is just plain fun 🙂

6 24 16 facts


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