Senior Orations – Part II

We continue our look at the Senior Orations read during Founder’s Day Convocation in late February.  Today we have two that were read in Wait Chapel:

The Case for Generalism”, by Robert “Tripp” Maloney (’16)

Tripp” Maloney

Even as I approach the end of my time here at Wake Forest, I sometimes find myself still asking, “Why am I here?” Leaving the existential side of that question to more philosophical minds, I look instead to the “why?” of the university as an institution. What is it for; what purpose does it serve? Given my background in linguistics, I am of course tempted to find a clue in the word “university” itself. The word’s etymology is relatively simple, but the root meaning is nonetheless surprising. Universite, the Latin originator of our “university,” translates to “the whole.” Read more »

The Unexpected Chaos of Life as a Deac”, by Aishwarya Nagar (’16)

Aishwarya Nagar

To my younger brother,
I’m so excited that you’ll come to see me graduate! You always ask me what my time at Wake Forest has been like, and I’ve finally found the words to do the explanation justice. I know that 11th grade, the IB program, and the SATs are really stressful for you, especially at our competitive international high school in New Delhi. I understand the chaos of your life in Delhi, full of after-school tutoring, cricket tournaments, and SAT prep courses – not to mention the inherent stress of growing up with our strict, Indian parents. You’re looking forward to the great adventure of going to college – to experience the world and find some control, order, and self-made success in your life. Read more »

There are seven other Senior Orations still to go, and we’ll pepper them in the Daily Deac through the rest of the semester.  Congratulations to our seniors!

— by Betsy Chapman


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