Frigid Friday

It’s the end of a long, cold week – and it will get even colder before it’s done. The five day forecast is not particularly promising. Things can always shift, but it looks like we have the potential for snow/sleet/freezing rain on Monday. Your Deacs are probably sending out ‘cancel classes on Monday‘ vibes to the universe in hope of a three-day weekend.

Due to the frigid weather, campus seemed especially sparse today. Students did not seem to be walking about if they didn’t have 2 12 16 6to. One campus scene I saw repeated at least three times was students collecting Valentine’s bouquets that had been delivered to campus (deliveries get made to the Post Office in the basement of Benson and then students are notified that they have a delivery). I received a message from their office saying that the PO will have some hours over the weekend to accommodate floral deliveries (see the flyer on the side).

2 12 16 5I took a few pictures as I made my way through the frozen tundra back to Alumni Hall. The area just outside of Shorty’s had lots of chalk on the sidewalks advertising the big Student Union spring concert with a group called the Chainsmokers (does it show my age if I confess I have no clue who they are?)

2 12 16 4 2 12 16 3Also outside of Shorty’s is a lovely public art project – a wooden tree with directional signs. It has a plaque at the base with the artist information. Just really cool.

2 12 16 2I also took a picture of the back half of campus. It’s been overcast like that most of the day. Right before I reached my building, it started to snow flurry. Not a ton of them, but just a light on and off flurry. Probably not enough for the Quad Cam to even pick up.

And because Sunday is Valentines Day, I wanted to send all our loyal Daily Deacers a little something from me to you 🙂  You can send your Deac one too!


— by Betsy Chapman



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