Provost’s Best Reads and Movies of 2015

Though faculty and staff are back on campus, we’re still awaiting the early arrivers who will be coming back for sorority recruitment, and campus is pretty calm (and COLD) right now.

At the end of 2015, there were many “Best Of” lists – but today we have a special treat for you.  Our alumnus and provost, Rogan Kersh (’86), has made a list of some of his best books, movies, and “long reads” and has let me share them with you.

20120724kersh4446For those of you who have not had the good fortune to meet Rogan, he is an incredibly interesting and extraordinarily intelligent guy who somehow manages to keep his finger on the pulse of movies and books while juggling a ton of academic and administrative things on his WFU plate.  He even has a book section for daughter Graylyn’s favorites (and though a toddler, she’s already just as sharp as her mom and dad). You can read Rogan’s bio here; he also hosts a funny and informative video about “What’s a provost?” if you want to dig deeper.

So enjoy this list, and many thanks to Rogan for sharing it! Provost Kersh’s Best Books and Movies of 2015

— by Betsy Chapman

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