Some miscellaneous news and observations for you today:

The Benson Center has been decorated for the holidays.  There is a great big Christmas tree in the lobby and garland on the railings.  There is a Hanukkah display in the alcove with a Menorah.  I was in a hurry so I didn’t take pictures, but trust me when I say it looks festive and cheerful.

Today is Pitsgiving – so your Deacs can eat some Thanksgiving fare today.  I overheard a conversation between students as I was walking back from my meeting in Benson.  One of them was saying they were going to go through the various stations four times.  Pitsgiving is a charmingly big deal to some of our students – lots and lots of traffic.  May they all have full bellies and turkey-induced-drowsiness later today.  A colleague of mine just returned from Pitsgiving and said the food was quite good.  It’s on all day, I believe, so if your Deac missed it at lunch, go back at dinner.

Thinking about the holidays, a safety note to be aware of.  If you have a senior who lives off campus, particularly in the residential houses near campus, urge your student to pay attention to these safety tips and garbage collection schedule from Residence Life and Housing.  And if your student has valuables – whether jewelry, small electronics, computers, etc., he or she should consider taking them home.

Also, if your student is staying on campus during Thanksgiving, note that Student Health is closed, but they have a nurse on call as well as a list of resources in case your students need it.

We’ve gotten several questions about when is Move-In next fall (for new freshmen as well as upperclassmen students), when is Family Weekend, etc.  The Academic Calendar for Fall 2016 has not been released yet, so we don’t know about Move-In.  Family Weekend can’t be decided until we know the football schedule – which won’t likely be until January if past years hold true.  As soon as we know those dates, we will post them on the Parents’ Page and the Daily Deac.  Hang tight until then.

A final bit of news:  Ta-Nehisi spoke in Wait Chapel this Tuesday night, and he wins the National Book Award on Wednesday night.  Coincidence? 😉

— by Betsy Chapman



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