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You can tell that it’s midterm time because there are students who look tired and grumpy.  I have heard a bit from students currently in Accounting 111 (a prerequisite course for students who want to apply to the Business School).  It is considered by many to be a difficult class, and there is always some post-exam grumping about how hard the tests are.  The period around high-traffic exam times are a great time for care packages, by the way.

Mid-semester is also when students start planning for their spring semester’s schedule.  Your students will soon be meeting with their lower-division advisers (for freshmen and sophomores who have not yet declared a major) or with their major adviser to talk about what they want to take next semester.

For students who already have declared a major or minor:

“Students with declared majors and/or minors, including those currently abroad, will be advised and can be registered for classes within the major/minor department between October 19th – October 31st. Each academic department governs advising and assignment of registration priorities and most registration procedures during Major/Minor Registration. Automated Waitlisting is not available.” (from Registrar’s web site)

For first-years and sophomores who have not yet declared a major:

“Registration rounds start the week of November 2.  In the first round (Nov. 2 – Nov. 8, 11:59 pm) students can register for up to 8 hours.  In the second round (Nov. 9 on), students can complete registration up to 17 hours.  Each student can register at any time after his/her assigned time and up to the closing time for each round.  Registration times are set based on completed hours, so most second-year students will begin registration on Wednesday of each week and most first-year students on Thursday, although some will have earlier start times if they are sophomores by credit hours.” (from an email sent from the Office of Academic Advising to all lower division academic advisers)

So know that your students will soon be engaged in advising and registration.

Here are a couple of other tidbits that were emailed to students:

Information about pre-health careers and related majors:

Are you considering focusing on pre-med, pre-dental, or pre-vet? As Dr. Lord cannot meet with every student individually to help plan course schedules for the spring semester, please plan on attending one of the following group advising sessions to make sure you are on the right track.

Tuesday, October 20th
First Year Students: 6:30-7:30
Sophomores: 7:30-8:00
Juniors & Seniors: 8:00-8:30

Wednesday, October 21st
Juniors & Seniors: 5:00-5:30
Sophomores: 5:30-6:00
First Year Students: 6:00-7:00

All sessions will be held in Winston Hall, Room 125

(Please note: The group advising session is NOT a replacement for your lower division or major advising meeting with your academic adviser.)

Information session for prospective business majors:

In advance of spring 2016 registration, the School of Business will be holding freshman information sessions next week, October 19th through October 22nd.

​Please see below for the dates, times and locations. ​

These sessions will incorporate information about the prerequisites, the admissions process and the majors offered in the School of Business. Please plan to attend if you have an interest in or questions about the School of Business​. Our major advising and registration deadlines will preclude individual student appointments or email exchanges in October and early November.

Please arrive promptly at the time listed, if you plan to attend a session.

Feel free to share this email with others who might be interested!

Monday, 10/19/2015, 3:30 pm, 104 Farrell Hall

Tuesday, 10/20/2015, 3:30 pm, A17 Farrell Hall

Wednesday, 10/21/2015, 2:00 pm, 104 Farrell Hall

Thursday, 10/22/2015, 11:00 am, 155 Farrell Hall


— by Betsy Chapman

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