The Wake Forest Magic

It’s Homecoming, and a dismal and rainy forecast, unfortunately.  Wherever you are, send some good vibes and sunshine our way.  We have a lot of alumni from the 50th anniversary reunion class (and earlier) down to the 5th year reunion class who all want to have a great time at Mother So Dear.  Instead of this “liquid sunshine,” I am sure they’d prefer the real thing.

I was sitting in on a presentation this morning with Michele Gillespie, Dean of the College, and she was talking about the Wake Forest Magic.  Most of our students have felt that magic at times – as have our faculty and staff or administrators.  It’s hard to put your finger on what that magic is, but you know it when you feel it.

Dean Gillespie talked about how our students have some moment of revelation, or clarity.  A moment when something changed for that student.  Changed the way the student looked at Wake Forest, or looked at their capacity to learn, or changed their view of the world.

She was in a room of alumni and some WF parents and a few people offered up their “Magic Moment.”  One expression I quite liked from that discussion was someone realizing they had the power to learn anything, AND they had the people around them to help them do it.

For those of you P’19s, it is probably too soon for your Deacs to have experienced the Magic Moment.  But if you have sophomores, juniors, or seniors, that might be a good conversation to have at Thanksgiving or during winter break.  What have been your transformational moments at Wake Forest?  It would be good to get them to reflect on it – and I bet it would be fun for you to hear it.

Hope you are wearing black and gold in celebration of a [very rainy] Black and Gold Friday.  And remember to talk to your kids and tell them you love them every Friday, or send them a Deacon Greeting.

— by Betsy Chapman

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