Just a Reminder

My office has fielded some inquiries about the weather for this Family Weekend and the uncertainty of Hurricane Joaquin churning out in the Atlantic.

For reassurance’s sake, I can tell you that we have staff whose jobs it is to do emergency planning.  The University’s emergency manager and Crisis Management Team stays alert to such weather situations.  There is also a small army of other folks who would be tapped in the event of a crisis.

For today, I try not to wonder what the weather will bring.  Because that picture will become clearer in time.

For now, parents and families, know that there is a Wake Ready website that has information about emergency preparedness.

In the event of an emergency, Wake Alert is the place to go.  I wouldn’t be updating the Parents’ Page or Facebook in a true emergency, because I will be deployed doing other things.  You can follow Wake Alert on Twitter.

For the moment today, we are sunny – and VERY glad to be!

— by Betsy Chapman

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