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It’s a hot one today, Deac families.  Sunny and muggy.  Hopefully we can get this out of our system and have a slightly cooler Move-In day for the new freshmen (and for the returning upperclassmen over the weekend).  Here’s the latest 5 day forecast via the Weather Channel.  Mid 80s on Friday is definitely better than mid-90s.

8 19 15  2 8 19 15 hauserAs you might imagine, campus is a flurry of activity right now.  I walked through the central part of campus and saw tents erected on the Quad (and it is noticeably cooler underneath them); I imagine those will be for the food at the Orientation picnic on Saturday.  There were Hauser rental trucks and tables all over the place.

8 19 15 cardboardAlso saw a bunch of folks from Facilities (I assume) touring Kitchin Hall, which underwent a renovation this summer.  I have not been on the inside, but from the outside it looks like it is good to go.  In one of the pictures below, you’ll see a ‘leave cardboard here’ sign.  Those will probably be around most of the residence halls.  Please remember to recycle as you and your Deacs move in their belongings.

I mentioned a day or two ago the purple siding and the nice plants – also the sides to the gym extension.  You can really start to envision the gym addition, with its big windows that will mirror the original portion (sadly bricked over now, but to become windows in a later phase of construction).  There’s a couple of pics below for that.

Just a program note: we’re going to be a little spare in the next few days on the Daily Deac.  Our office goes in 1,000 directions between Move-In, Orientation, and academic advising, so that’s why these might be short and sweet as we get into the thick of things.

— by Betsy Chapman

8 19 15 south side 8 19 15 purple 8 19 15 gym 8 19 15  flowers


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