Getting Close Now

As I was driving to work I saw something I hadn’t seen in a few months now: Wake Forest students jogging along Polo Road.  Once they are back in force, there will be many walking/running/jogging students on and around campus – virtually every day, and at all hours of the day.

What else am I seeing on campus as Move-In is looming?

–  The addition to the Worrell Professional Center now has walls, and whatever paper is being put along the structure is sort of a lavender color, which seems to me to be a bit unusual.

– The addition to Reynolds Gym (formerly the tennis courts) is really taking shape.  You are starting to see big walls taking shape.

– There’s a last ditch attempt to grow/protect the grasses along the sidewalks that rings the main part of campus.  Some ropes have been set up and straw is along some patches of grass.

– I think I also saw some dumpsters around the perimeter to remove the extra, expendable items that people get rid of after Move-In.

– ZSR Starbucks is looking good.  Will be interested to see what the returning students think of it.

– Our flower beds are looking very pretty, as they always do.

– There are signs on some of the parking lots announcing closings (so there is space for Move-In).  Please pay attention to those signs and to traffic officers when you arrive.

It was an unusually cool day today – it’s muggy, but only supposed to reach maybe 80.  Check the weather for this weekend folks and dress appropriately.  Move-In happens rain or shine – so be prepared.

— by Betsy Chapman

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