Stripey Quad

There is a lot of activity on campus this week with summer campers.  There is a large group of what appears to be high schoolers on campus, as well as elementary school kids for sports camps.  It is nice to see students walking about and playing on the upper and lower Quads.   Summers can feel lonely without our normal full complement of students.

It’s been another very hot stretch of days though.  Sunny and high 80s/low 90s with lots of humidity.  Somehow our intrepid folks in Facilities have managed to keep the Quad grass thick and green and lush.  Right now it is very stripey looking from what I assume is a recent mowing.  Check it out on the Quad Cam.

And remember folks, Quad grass under your feet is the best feeling in the world.  I highly recommend trying it barefoot next time you are on campus.

— by Betsy Chapman


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