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Happy Black and Gold Friday, Deac families!  Hope you all made wise sartorial choices and are showing your WFU spirit via black and/or gold clothing or WFU apparel wherever you are.

7 17 15 res hallThe big news on campus today is the story online about the new first-year residence hall that will be constructed:

“A new residence hall for first-year students is being planned for the south side of campus next to Collins Residence Hall, on the current site of Parking Lot H.  The design of this residence hall is based on South Hall and will look very similar, according to Dean of Residence Life and Housing Donna McGalliard.

…The as-yet-unnamed residence hall, projected to open early 2017, includes most of the same amenities as South Hall which opened in fall of 2010. The four-story, 220-bed building will total 75,000 square feet. It will be a double-loaded corridor style structure with a mix of single and double rooms.

The residence hall will support Wake Forest’s vibrant student residential community with kitchen and study areas on each floor and amenities such as large recreation lounges where students can play games like foosball or ping pong, and media rooms, perfect for gaming tournaments or movie nights.”  Read the full story.

One of the great benefits of the three-year residency requirement (in my humble opinion) is that with three years worth of students living on campus, the newest students have the ability to live among the sophomores, juniors, and on-campus seniors, who can help mentor them (formally or informally).  To me it was always helpful to have a lot of students, all at their own unique developmental levels, who can offer support, counsel, friendship, and community-building in the residence halls.  You can learn so much from informal interactions with people on your hall or in your suite, and those 2 am conversations over pizza or Krispy Kreme about the meaning of life can be extraordinarly special.

— by Betsy Chapman

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