6 30 15 1 6 30 15 2Today I am in a meeting in the Benson Center.  This piece of art is hanging right outside the meeting room door.  It’s a Keith Haring, a well known name in the American art world.  Bonus that it is close to our school colors 🙂

Your students as they walk around the Benson Center have the ability to see this Haring, as well as a lot of other great artists.  There is a good story here:

“The Benson University Center is the home of a unique art collection, established in 1962, conceived by students and purchased entirely with university funds. Since the first buying trip in 1963, every four years a group of students works with an Art Department faculty member to research the contemporary American art scene, then travels to New York to purchase new works. This is the university’s premiere collection, numbering over 160 different pieces by over 100 different artists.”

In addition to the art in the Benson Center, there are some fine works located all over campus in public buildings as well as academic buildings.  You can learn more at the University Art Collections website.  If your student has not discovered our art collection yet (or is an incoming freshman,) he/she is in for a treat.  There is also the Charlotte and Philip Hanes Art Gallery in Scales Fine Arts Center, which sponsors exhibits throughout the year.  The Art department website has information about all the art on campus (check the Visual Resources link on the left side menu).

Deac families, if you are here for Orientation (or to move a sophomore, junior, or senior on to campus in August), you’ll have a chance to browse our art too.  Being surrounded by beautiful, interesting, thought-provoking, and even controversial art adds another layer of the depth to the WFU experience.  Savor it.

— by Betsy Chapman

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