Someone’s In the Kitchin

Summer is the time for construction projects, and there is a big one going on in Kitchin Residence Hall right now.  The windows of most of the building have been removed for a major refurbishment that will take place in two phases – part this summer and part the next.  The planned improvements include:

– new floors and ceilings

– bathrooms are being gutted and redone

– new doors and windows

– new HVAC system

– closets in the rooms are being removed and will be replaced with wardrobes that have built-in drawers (this is to help provide more liveable space and make the rooms have more furniture configuration options)

– all new furniture that is more versatile and in keeping with the other newer halls’ furniture; desks will be skinnier

– there will be new beds that have adjustable height (students can adjust them); while they will not be able to be as high as lofts, they can go high enough to put the dressers underneath.  These beds will also allow more flexibility to be bunked or unbunked as roommates see fit.

They will try to do as much of the work to Kitchin as possible this summer and will complete the project next summer.  The longer-term work will be to build an overhang to shield the top floor from rain (right now if you live on the top floor and it is raining, there is nothing overhead to protect you from the elements) and to redo the courtyard.

I’ll try to get some pictures of the construction as it progresses.  If your upperclassmen/women are in Kitchin this fall, I suspect they are going to have some pretty nice digs.


— by Betsy Chapman


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