Pictures to Take at Commencement

For our P’15 (Parent of a Class of 2015 graduate) families, Commencement is a wonderful time to take pictures.  Your students have called this place home for 4 years – or 5 – and are getting ready to depart for Whatever Is Next.  Hopefully they will return often, but in case they are not able to, get some good pictures.  Here’s a suggestion of some shots to consider.

– With the best friend(s) in cap and gown.  Two of my most treasured Commencement photos are the ones with my best friend and roommate of 3 years – we hammed it up and did a really fun pose – and with my group of closest friends.   While we certainly had tons of pictures of us in other settings, the cap and gown ones mean a lot.

– With the parents and family in cap and gown.  This one is a no-brainer.  Happy times for everyone.

– A shot of Wait Chapel and the Commencement stage when the Quad is empty.  It’s serene and peaceful at sunrise and at twilight – so grab a pic of the chapel when the lighting is good.

– A picture of any spot your student loved on campus.  Someplace that is meaningful to them.  Could be a place outdoors they loved, or a particular academic building, a nook in the ZSR, whatever.  But the place they felt happy and like this was Their Spot is what they want.

– If they have a Significant Other who is also a Deac, a shot of where they first met, first kissed, first date was held, etc. is a good one to have.

– Take pictures of their old residence halls, main academic buildings they spent a lot of time in, etc.

– With their favorite professor(s) at Departmental Receptions on Sunday afternoon.

– And of course, take a selfie or two with them 🙂


— by Betsy Chapman


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