Wake ‘N Shake Recap – Project Pumpkin Planning

If you hadn’t already seen it, there is a terrific story on the WFU main page about Wake N’ Shake, the campus dance marathon to raise money for cancer research:

“More than 1,300 students teamed up to fight cancer on Saturday and raised $164,157 for the 10th anniversary of Wake ’N Shake, a 12-hour dance marathon to benefit the Brian Piccolo Cancer Research Fund. This year, faculty, staff and alumni were invited to join students in honoring loved ones affected by cancer.

‘Wake ‘N Shake is such an important event because it allows students from all over campus to come together and fight for a common cause,’ said senior Cat Draper, who co-chaired the event with seniors Anna Morten and Jordan Schuler. ‘Every student at Wake has been touched by cancer in one way or another.’

More than 50 student organizations, including sports teams, theatre groups and Greek life, participated this year.”

$164,157 is an impressive number!  Many thanks to all our Deacs who gave their time, talent, and treasure to fight the good fight for Brian Piccolo.

Looking ahead to future Pro Humanitate efforts, the Volunteer Service Corps listserv has information about how students can apply for Project Pumpkin Steering Committees:

“Have you ever seen Project Pumpkin and thought to yourself, now there is something I want to have a larger role in??

Well, you’re in luck!! the steering committee applications are live.

They are due next Monday, March 30th and then the co-chair applications will be available.

The steering committee oversees the co-chairs and the co-chairs oversee everything else!  And with the help of Head Pumpkin, the Halloween dreams of children all over the Winston-Salem area come true!!

If you’re interested in applying for the steering committee, here is the link!!

Even though it is only March, it is not too early for your students to think about Project Pumpkin.  Applying to be on a steering committee could be a fantastic outlet for your students – they can learn about leadership, organization of a huge event, rallying volunteers, etc.   And of course, serving humanity, as our motto suggests.

— by Betsy Chapman


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