A Beautiful Day

It is a beautiful day on campus.  We are still riding the Stephen Colbert high; I was talking to some faculty friends earlier today and they say their students are so excited about the announcement that he is our Commencement speaker.

The beautiful day extends beyond the Colbert news, though.  It is warm today – will reach nearly 70! – and though we started out with fog this morning, the sun is out and it feels fantastic.  Earlier in the day I had a meeting across campus and it was very breezy, too cold for shorts (though students were wearing them).  After lunch the shorts would feel just fine.

As I walked across campus it was during a class-change period.  All the students I saw seemed surprisingly chipper.  Perhaps the glorious day canceled out any stress they are experiencing over midterms and projects.  Speaking of stress relief, kudos to our Thrive team!  They advertised free 10 minute massages for today and tomorrow, and the 48 time slots for massages are already filled (it was on a first come, first served basis).  What a nice perk for our students, faculty and staff!

I read a great story on the web site this week about our first STEM Slam.  STEM is the acronym for “science, technology, engineering, math” and also health-related fields.  My colleague who forwarded the news story to me described it this way: “The goal was to host an event for students in the STEM majors, students that are not normally served by the typical on-campus recruiting events. We had a great turnout of students and companies and hope to make this an annual event.”  Read the full story here.

With this beautiful day, Spring Fever is in the air.  Take a gander at some of the best of Ken Bennett’s photos below and you’ll see what your students will hopefully be experiencing in just a few short weeks.


— by Betsy Chapman























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