A Surprise Snow!

Mother Nature pulled a fast one on all of us early this morning.  We woke up to snow that had not been predicted or expected.  This was not a huge snow event, a light powdery covering that was enough to obscure the grass but it was not inches and inches deep.  The event was really that no one saw this coming – and subsequently there had not been the kind of pre-snow brining of the roads that you’d come to expect.

At first the campus was delayed until 9:30, but that was revised to 11 am to give time for the road conditions to improve.  I drove to campus at 10 am and did not encounter any difficulty in my very short commute (only a few miles from campus).  Once I got here, I made a loop around campus and checked out the appearance of the roads and sidewalks.  God bless our Facilities crew, they had already done a remarkable job clearing the walkways and salting the paths.  During my drive around campus I saw several people walking along the paths.  They were being careful and not walking at a super brisk pace.  Happily, I did not see any of them appear to slide or slip.  (Aside: I saw one young man jogging in this mess.  That is dedication).

While we try to remind you in various ways of closings or delays, you and your students would be wise to bookmark the Wake Alert website.  You’ll notice in a delay or closing that there is a banner that appears at the top of the Parents’ Page (as well as other websites within wfu.edu), but Wake Alert is the place with full details.

2 24 quad camI don’t know if it will be cold enough all day for the snow to last, but as of 11 am you can still see it on the Quad Cam.  This is a screen capture from moments ago.

There’s not enough snow to make a big snowman or to try to sled, but I bet our students will find some fun in the snow nonetheless.


— by Betsy Chapman


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