Today is a dreary, dreary day.  It has been gray and rainy all morning continuing through lunchtime.  As of the moment I am writing this, the Quad Cam is showing consistently miserable outdoor conditions.  Occasionally I have seen a Facilities or Landscaping truck driving on parts of the Quad, presumably delivering things or bringing materials to work on trees or flower beds.  Yesterday there appeared to be a crop of desks being moved from one of the Quad residence halls.  I couldn’t tell if these were new pieces being delivered or old ones being removed.

One of the things that may be on your mind (or your student’s) is final exam grades.  Those are due tomorrow (12/17) at noon.  Grading is entered electronically, and I am not sure if there is any kind of upload needed that would create a lag time in when your students can access their grades in WIN.  My guess is that they will see them if not tomorrow, the next day or so.

If you are curious about your student’s grades, you can ask him or her to tell you the grades or show them to you in WIN.  You can also ask them to grant you Proxy Access to their grades (instructions here).  Wake – like all schools – is required to uphold FERPA, which is a law that protects educational privacy of students.  Families of upperclassmen may recall that there used to be a paper FERPA release that students had to sign and then grades were mailed to parents.  This is all done electronically now.

May the weather where you live be better than in Winston-Salem.  Enjoy having your Deacs home!


— by Betsy Chapman

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